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Re: Some methods of getting a "login shell" do not create /run/user/<uid

From: Ben Weinstein-Raun
Subject: Re: Some methods of getting a "login shell" do not create /run/user/<uid> or add a session to loginctl
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2024 21:26:29 +0000

On 01/05/24 14:39, Skyler Ferris wrote:
> I was hoping that someone else more knowledgeable might have a better 
> solution, but since nobody has replied I'll share the less-than-ideal 
> solution I've been using.
Thanks a lot for the response!

> Basically, I just use some code to mount tmpfs onto the directories by 
> adding extra values to the file-systems declaration of my 
> operating-system declaration. The main disadvantage not already 
> mentioned is that UIDs and GIDs have to be explicitly defined for each 
> non-system user. Maybe the logic for the GIDs could be removed because 
> the group has no permissions on the directory anyway, but I haven't 
> thought it through.. There are some helper functions:

This is super useful, thank you! And probably substantially better than
my current hack (brute `mkdir -p` on startup, which seems likely to make
`mount` sad when later someone *does* log in properly, let alone the
issue you mention with surviving reboots).

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