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Re: Laptop won’t boot after Guix install

From: Roman Riabenko
Subject: Re: Laptop won’t boot after Guix install
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2024 21:08:41 +0200
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У пт, 2024-01-05 у 19:41 -0800, Ian Eure пише:
> ... After the Guix install, 
> the laptop doesn’t boot -- the firmware shows a boot device 
> selection menu, rather than bootint into Guix. ...

Sometimes, the installer makes a BIOS-compatible installation which
fails to run from UEFI. The fix might be as simple as choosing a
different USB boot option before running the installer. I typically
have two boot options before running the installer from the USB: one is
for UEFI, while the other is for BIOS. When the firmware supports both
options, they are available, and the BIOS installer is usually the
default. Another approach is to tweak your firmware settings to disable
CMS (Compatibility Support Mode) and other compatibility features so
that only the UEFI installer is available and try re-installing Guix to
ensure it installs UEFI. Please note that I am neither a developer nor
administrator, but just a user who shares experience as I understand

> Secure boot is disabled in the BIOS.

You might want to try enabling it and see if any other options become
available in the firmware settings. For example, if I reset my laptop
firmware, all boot options are usually gone. I need to enable secure
boot and choose "Select a UEFI file as trusted", which becomes
available only with secure boot enabled. I can add a path to a ".efi"
file there.

I hope you solve it soon!


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