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Re: Gnome hanging and exiting at login.

From: Philippe Veber
Subject: Re: Gnome hanging and exiting at login.
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2024 15:00:37 +0100

Thanks Efraim!

Here's what I get:

$guix package --list-installed
python-ete3   3.1.3         out
tracecomp     1.6-1.2661e95 out
coevol         1.6-1.f3f23f0 out
r-treeio       1.26.0       out
r-tidyverse   2.0.0         out
r-tidytree     0.4.5         out
r-mvmorph     1.1.9         out
r-minimal     4.3.2         out
r-ggtreeextra 1.12.0       out
r-ggtree       3.10.0       out
r-ggpubr       0.6.0         out
r-ggimage     0.3.3         out
r-ggh4x       0.2.6         out
r-guix-install 1.0.0         out
r-fishdata     1.0.1         out
r-fsadata     0.4.1         out

where some of the packages are from custom definitions I wrote. But
checking this list, I immediately suspected python-ete3, which has
dependencies on window manager-related packages :

$guix show python-ete3
name: python-ete3
version: 3.1.3
+ out: tout
systems: x86_64-linux
dependencies: python-lxml@4.9.1 python-numpy@1.23.2 python-pyqt@5.15.9
python-pytest@7.1.3 python-scipy@1.10.1
$guix graph python-ete3 | grep xdg
  "139718079320768" [label = "xdg-utils@1.1.3", shape = box, fontname =
  "139718079372032" [label = "xdg-user-dirs@0.17", shape = box, fontname =
  "139718058333568" [label = "xdg-dbus-proxy@0.1.2", shape = box, fontname
= sans];

and indeed, after a guix remove python-ete3, everything's back to normal.

With python-ete3 installed, here's the environment generated by guix:

$guix package --search-paths -p .guix-profile-bck
export PATH="/var/guix/profiles/per-user/pveber/guix-profile/bin"
export XDG_DATA_DIRS="/var/guix/profiles/per-user/pveber/guix-profile/share"

Seeing that I tried to fiddle with the variable XDG_DATA_DIRS but I didn't
get anywhere. Let me know if I can give you more details, thanks again!

Le mar. 9 janv. 2024 à 07:49, Efraim Flashner <> a
écrit :

> On Sun, Jan 07, 2024 at 05:44:59PM +0100, Philippe Veber wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm using guix on a Debian 12 machine (I installed guix through apt), and
> > starting recently I can't log in anymore via gdm: after entering my
> > password the display freezes (blank screen, mouse pointer is displayed
> but
> > I can't move it) and after some time I'm back at login screen. If I move
> > .guix-profile to some other name, everything works correctly.
> >
> > The thing is, I have no idea how to investigate this. /var/log/gdm3 is
> > empty, and I don't know whereelse to look. Any idea?
> Can you share with us a list of the packages you've installed through
> Guix?  That might help us find if some environment variable is causing
> problems.
> Also the output of `guix package --search-paths -p ~/.guix-profile` (or
> -p /path/to/where/you/moved/dot-guix-profile).
> --
> Efraim Flashner   <>   רנשלפ םירפא
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