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Re: mobile phone with LineageOS, iodeOS, Replicant...

From: Roman Riabenko
Subject: Re: mobile phone with LineageOS, iodeOS, Replicant...
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2024 21:44:09 +0200
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Hi Gottfried

У чт, 2023-12-21 у 11:42 +0000, Gottfried пише:
> which mobile phone would You support with which free software?

I have been using a Librem 5 device for the last five months. However,
I only needed phone calls, SMS messages, and XMPP chats via Dino. I
also developed a habit of constantly charging it with a portable
battery. The call quality is average, but the device was reliable.

It comes with PureOS, which is one of the FSF-approved GNU
distributions. The caveat is that the cellular modem and the chip
require some non-free firmware:
is-the-librem-5-to-getting-it . 

> I am sorry, my question is not about Guix, but about free software.

There have been some efforts to make the Guix System work on Librem 5.
I am learning to install a distribution on it and potentially test
something for Guix. If anyone here has any suggestions, I am open to
any experiments! I have noticed that Purism uses some development tools
for flashing that are missing in Guix.

> Or is there a website or a forum which would be able to help?

If your question is still relevant, you may want to take a look at . The authors own various mobile
devices, not only from Purism, and are eager to tell about it. Beware
that some focus more on what they perceive as security rather than on

> I will hopefully get a job and I need a mobile phone for it.

It depends on your job expectations. I have a separate phone for
clients who demand me to use non-free software for communication.
However, if you need only a phone number, you do not necessarily need a


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