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Re: mobile phone with LineageOS, iodeOS, Replicant...

From: Gottfried
Subject: Re: mobile phone with LineageOS, iodeOS, Replicant...
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2024 17:06:17 +0000


Am 11.01.2024 17:52 schrieb Gottfried: 

> thanks very much.
> Unfortunately my new company didn't allow me to choose a mobile phone but 
> they gave me immeadiately a Samsung phone with Android and all sorts of bad 
> things like Google, whats app and so on.
> This company is spread worldwide and all the workers are connected with 
> certain programms on this phone. The ID department is sitting in London/UK 
> and they installed some security apps etc. on this phone. Laptop and phone is 
> connected. 
> I have to live with it and use it only for my work. 
> Privately I use at the moment an old phone only for SMS, to be reachable via 
> SMS. 
> Gottfried
> Am 09.01.2024 20:44 schrieb Roman Riabenko: 
> Hi Gottfried
> У чт, 2023-12-21 у 11:42 +0000, Gottfried пише:
> which mobile phone would You support with which free software? 
> I have been using a Librem 5 device for the last five months. However,
> I only needed phone calls, SMS messages, and XMPP chats via Dino. I
> also developed a habit of constantly charging it with a portable
> battery. The call quality is average, but the device was reliable.
> It comes with PureOS, which is one of the FSF-approved GNU
> distributions. The caveat is that the cellular modem and the chip
> require some non-free firmware:
> [1]
> Questions#18-what-is-respects-your-freedom-certification-and-how-close-
> is-the-librem-5-to-getting-it .
> I am sorry, my question is not about Guix, but about free software. 
> There have been some efforts to make the Guix System work on Librem 5.
> I am learning to install a distribution on it and potentially test
> something for Guix. If anyone here has any suggestions, I am open to
> any experiments! I have noticed that Purism uses some development tools
> for flashing that are missing in Guix.
> Or is there a website or a forum which would be able to help? 
> If your question is still relevant, you may want to take a look at
> [2] . The authors own various mobile
> devices, not only from Purism, and are eager to tell about it. Beware
> that some focus more on what they perceive as security rather than on
> freedom.
> I will hopefully get a job and I need a mobile phone for it. 
> It depends on your job expectations. I have a separate phone for
> clients who demand me to use non-free software for communication.
> However, if you need only a phone number, you do not necessarily need a
> smartphone.
> Roman


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