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Re: libreoffice crashes when starting

From: Wojtek Kosior
Subject: Re: libreoffice crashes when starting
Date: Sat, 13 Jan 2024 15:48:58 +0100

Hi there!

This very problem seems to have been encountered before[1].

If information in that thread is correct, the fix would be to make sure
both the system profile and your user profile use the same version of

Since you said packages in your user profile are already up-to-date,
I'd try `sudo guix system reconfigure /path/to/system/config.scm`.

If this doesn't work, you might also try running LibreOffice in a pure
container, similar to how it was done with Dino in yet another

Good luck :)


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On Thu, 11 Jan 2024 14:41:36 -0700 Brian <> wrote:

> Hello All,
> I'm sorry to double post, if that's actually the case but I am having
> some email client issues (resolved and am using Claws now).
> I'm running the most recent Guix desktop as a VBox client on an Ubuntu
> host. That's all working fine. I have updated and refreshed all of
> the packages with 'guix pull' and 'guix refresh'. 
> As an office suite I have installed libreoffice. However, upon starting
> I get a milisecond long libreoffice splash screen and then it crashes.
> I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I've deleted the config file in my
> home directory but nothing has worked. Here is the terminal output.
> Perhaps this will help define the problem?
> Many thanks
> ~$ libreoffice
> warn:sal.osl:3195:3195:sal/osl/unx/thread.cxx:1037:
> warn:sal.osl:3213:3213:sal/osl/unx/thread.cxx:1037:
> warn:configmgr:3213:3213:configmgr/source/xcuparser.cxx:901: ignoring
> modify of unknown set member node "StarOffice XML (Base) Report" in
> "file:///gnu/store/b8s0liqkp397wyb70rb54nq5dxgbybjr-libreoffice-"
> warn:configmgr:3213:3213:configmgr/source/xcuparser.cxx:901: ignoring
> modify of unknown set member node "StarOffice XML (Base) Report Chart"
> in
> "file:///gnu/store/b8s0liqkp397wyb70rb54nq5dxgbybjr-libreoffice-"
> (soffice:3213): Gtk-WARNING **: 14:27:28.798: Locale not supported by C
> library. Using the fallback 'C' locale.
> /gnu/store/b8s0liqkp397wyb70rb54nq5dxgbybjr-libreoffice-
> symbol lookup error:
> /gnu/store/5h2w4qi9hk1qzzgi1w83220ydslinr4s-glibc-2.33/lib/
> undefined symbol: __libc_pthread_init, version GLIBC_PRIVATE

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