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Re: "Command not found" when using `home-mcron-service`

From: Nils Landt
Subject: Re: "Command not found" when using `home-mcron-service`
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2024 19:11:25 +0100 (CET)

> Tanguy LE CARROUR <> hat am 15.01.2024 13:30 CET 
> geschrieben:
> > If I'm correct, setting the PATH environment variable in the mcron job
> > should fix it.
> You mean inside the `#~(job …)`? Sorry, but… how would you do that? 😅

Haven't tried it, but something like:

#~(job '(next-minute (range 0 60 5)) (string-append #$bash " -c 
\"PATH=$HOME/.guix-home/profile/bin " #$notmuch "/bin/notmuch new\""))

> And this means that I would have to do it for every single job? 🤔


> Sounds suboptimal to me.

Agreed! Alternatively, you could install the dependent packages (like pass) in 
guix system, not guix home.

> So I would definitively favour a solution where the PATH is set once and
> for all by Mcron.

I'm pretty sure this does not exist for mcron.

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