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Re: "Command not found" when using `home-mcron-service`

From: Tanguy LE CARROUR
Subject: Re: "Command not found" when using `home-mcron-service`
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2024 08:22:36 +0100
User-agent: alot/0.10

Hi Oleg,

Quoting Oleg Pykhalov (2024-01-15 18:13:13)
> Tanguy LE CARROUR <> writes:
> > `mcron` can then find `notmuch`, but `notmuch` has some hooks that depend
> > on other commands; `mbsync` and `afew` in my case. For this, I cannot really
> > provide the full path? 🤔 … actually, I could, but then it would be
> > `/home/USER/.guix-home/profile/bin/mbsync`, not the actual path.
> Is the hook a script?  If it is, then the script should have the PATH,
> which can be added to the script itself.

Yes, indeed. Notmuch uses hooks scripts that I provide.
So far, I was relying on `home-xdg-configuration-files-service-type`
to copy them.

(service home-xdg-configuration-files-service-type
  `(("notmuch/default/hooks" ,(local-file "tanguy.home/notmuch_hooks" 
#:recursive? #t))
    ; […]

Now I have to find an easy way to substitute some content in them.
I'll give it a try with `find-files` and `substitute` unless you can
suggest a better way… 🤞

> > This should work, but I can help be find it a bit weird, because it
> > propagates to quite a number of files. 😞
> > And the same goes for `vdirsyncer` that relies on `pass`…
> Is ‘vdirsyncer’ relies on the ‘pass’ by default, or is your
> configuration specific thing?
> ‘vdirsyncer’ package recipe should be modified in the first case, to
> make it work for everyone.
> In case of specific configuration a wrapper can be used.

Configuration specific! Fortunately I have a not-yet-submitted home
service for that. So I can easily insert the absolute path! 🥳



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