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How to disable gnome-display manager?

From: Rodrigo Morales
Subject: How to disable gnome-display manager?
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2024 18:25:01 -0500

I want to remove gdm-service-type from %desktop-services because I don't
know how to make gmd-service-type use Sway, so I'd rather launch sway
manually after logging in with my user.

#+BEGIN_SRC scheme
 (gnu services ssh)
 (gnu services avahi)
 (gnu services shepherd)
 (gnu services xorg)
 (gnu services desktop)
 (gnu packages certs)
 (nongnu packages linux))

(define %my-services
   (delete gdm-service-type)
    config =>
     (inherit config)
     (discover? #t)
       (list "";)
        (local-file "./public-keys/")
        (local-file "./public-keys/"))

 (host-name "sony")
 (locale "en_US.utf8")
 (timezone "America/Lima")
 (keyboard-layout (keyboard-layout "us"))
 (kernel linux-6.6)
 (firmware (list linux-firmware))
   (bootloader grub-efi-bootloader)
   (targets '("/boot/efi"))))
    (device (file-system-label "my-efi"))
    (mount-point "/boot/efi")
    (type "vfat"))
    (device (file-system-label "my-root"))
    (mount-point "/")
    (type "ext4"))
    (device (uuid "76a9f2d6-5e14-4fc5-af08-cb166b5a4bc4"))
    (mount-point "/storage/a")
    (type "ext4"))
    (device (uuid "a7d0367c-bf06-4d4d-a754-d72bb0bc084d"))
    (mount-point "/storage/b")
    (type "ext4"))
    (device (uuid "8f961e79-4a1f-4432-bafc-b03a5cf70678"))
    (mount-point "/storage/c")
    (type "ext4"))
    (device (uuid "571f2acd-1240-44b3-8c65-574b18b5977b"))
    (mount-point "/storage/d")
    (type "ext4"))
    (name "rdrg")
    (comment "This is a comment for user rdrg")
    (group "users")
     '(;; Make the user a sudoer
    (service openssh-service-type)
      (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))))

The reason I want to remove gdm-service-type from %desktop-services is
because whenever I boot my system, my system switches to tty7 and GNOME
Display manager is shown. After logging in in EXWM Display Manager, EXWM
is started. I don't want EXWM to be started, because I want to use Sway.

I have two questions:

1. How to avoid the automatic visit to tty7 and the execution of GNOME
   Display manager?

2. I wouldn't need to answer the first question if I could make GNOME
   Display Manager to use Sway (currently, it only uses EXWM and I don't
   see a button to change the window manager from EXWM to Sway)

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