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Cannot build personal channel derivation during guix pull

From: Marek Paśnikowski
Subject: Cannot build personal channel derivation during guix pull
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2024 16:17:48 +0100

Dear All

This is my first attempt to connect to my personal Guix channel. After ironing 
out server-side inadequacies in my configuration code, I encountered a very 
resilient, cryptic error.

After one day of experimentation, where nothing I did made the error change, I 
turn to your experience and knowledge. Could I ask to take a look at my 
repository ( hosted on , branch 
wip-channel - master has incorrect parens in authorization code ) and see if I 
missed anything in the file structure?

Also, I would appreciate a confirmation whether the channel can be pulled on 
your system. I do keep in mind a possibility of a local impurity or cache 

Here is my current channels.scm:

( list
  ( channel
    ( name 'guix )
    ( branch "master" )
    ( url ""; )
    ( introduction
      ( make-channel-introduction
        ( openpgp-fingerprint
          "BBB0 2DDF 2CEA F6A8 0D1D E643 A2A0 6DF2 A33A 54FA" ) ) ) )
  ( channel
    ( name 'personal-channel )
    ( branch "wip-channel" )
    ( introduction
      ( make-channel-introduction
        ( openpgp-fingerprint
          "590E 500F E39D 26B3 E60B 743B 6D81 B120 7711 899F" ) ) )
    ( url ""; ) ) )

And this is the COMPLETE build log I receive every single time:

$ zcat /var/log/guix/drvs/hg/15jjf4dr5z7lsfvcj07z2mrw69kzvp-personal-

(repl-version 0 1 1)
(exception unbound-variable (value #f) (value "Unbound variable: ~S") (value 
(channel)) (value #f))

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