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Re: Cannot build personal channel derivation during guix pull

From: Marek Paśnikowski
Subject: Re: Cannot build personal channel derivation during guix pull
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2024 07:28:27 +0100

Dnia środa, 24 stycznia 2024 02:42:57 CET Clément Lassieur pisze:
> Hello Marek,
> On Tue, Jan 23 2024, Marek Paśnikowski wrote:
> > Dear All
> > 
> > This is my first attempt to connect to my personal Guix channel. After
> > ironing out server-side inadequacies in my configuration code, I
> > encountered a very resilient, cryptic error.
> > 
> > After one day of experimentation, where nothing I did made the error
> > change, I turn to your experience and knowledge. Could I ask to take a
> > look at my repository ( hosted on
> > , branch wip-channel - master
> > has incorrect parens in authorization code ) and see if I missed anything
> > in the file structure?
> > 
> > Also, I would appreciate a confirmation whether the channel can be pulled
> > on your system. I do keep in mind a possibility of a local impurity or
> > cache poison.
> I cloned your "channel.git" and checked out branch "wip-channel" but I
> found nothing there that looks like a channel.  There are dotfiles, a
> home and an os file, but that's not what a channel is.  A channel is a
> bunch of guix modules (usually packages) that are meant to be shared.
> It typically looks like guix or nonguix.
> Dotfiles should not be in a channel because you don't want them to be in
> your store.

I think the last remark is the best hint here.

Does this mean a Guix channel is NOT the git repository itself? That it MUST 
be a subfolder? The Guix manual describes a channel in no certain terms.

Could you define for me what is the minimal requirement to turn a git 
repository into a proper channel?

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