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[Help-hurd] Hurd Wiki (another one)

From: Eduardo Nahum Ochs
Subject: [Help-hurd] Hurd Wiki (another one)
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 06:15:21 -0300

I've set up a Hurd Wiki at <>.
The main differences between it and the old Hurd Wiki at
<> are:

  * the new one is based on MoinMoin 0.2 (= lots of features).

  * there's another cgi, <>,
    that fetches a copy of all the pages and all the code, so it
    should be easy to make backups (= what you write there is not
    automatically lost).

  * it has links to the scripts I used to install it (= easy to
    install at home, easy to play with).

  * it has ridiculously little Hurd-related content at this moment
    (= it's a real sandbox now. No one is expected to write anything
    brilliant there, and people can even use it for questions too dumb
    to go to the mailing lists).

  Eduardo Ochs

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