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Building gnumach

From: Prabhu Ramachandran
Subject: Building gnumach
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 17:19:39 +0530 (IST)


>>>>> "David" == David Neary <> writes:

    David> I have read through the archives, and I read that it's
    David> possible to compile gnumach on linux without a
    David> cross-compiler - is this right? If so, what's the procedure
    David> for doing it?

This is taken from one of my earlier messages.  Here is what I do to
compile gnumach on my Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 i386 machine.

(1) # apt-get install gcc-i386-gnu mig-i386-gnu
This is from the stable archives.  These two packages are _very_ small
totalling less than 50KB.

(2) Download gnumach-1.2.tar.gz and gnumach_1.2-5.diff.gz from
You can get it from your favourite mirror too.

(3) $ tar xvzf gnumach-1.2.tar.gz

(4) $ gzip -cd gnumach_1.2-5.diff.gz | patch -p0

In what follows I am assuming that your hurd partition is mounted as
/gnu under linux.  Change it to suit your needs.  Also change the
configure options with --enable as necessary.

(5) $ cd gnumach-1.2/
    $ MIG=i386-gnu-mig CC=i386-gnu-gcc ./configure --enable-floppy \
    --enable-ide --enable-ne2000 i386-pc-gnu --prefix=/gnu
    $ make

(6) # mount /gnu; make install 
This puts the kernel in /gnu/boot/gnumach.  Gzip it if you want to.

(7) Reboot and then use grub to boot with the kernel=/boot/gnumach

hope this helps.
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Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 16:55:15 +0200
From: Jean Schurger <>
Subject: some novice problems
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I try the Hurd, and i have some problems !

when login, i have the message:

mesg: no sush file or directory (or something like this)

- where to found mesg ?

i installed gcc, make, libc-0.2-dev (the .debs), i want to compile ssh.

        - where can i found gnumach-dev ?
        - is it possible to symlink something with the gnumach source to break 
the headers dependences ?
        - can i find ssh already packages for hurd ?

- i read in faq that X servers dont works. is it yet true ?


Jean Schurger    -   Free Software Engineer
  (+33) 6 11 15 59 20 -
     AlcĂ´ve : L'informatique est libre

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