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Re: Problems installing the Hurd

From: David Neary
Subject: Re: Problems installing the Hurd
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 10:15:56 +0500 wrote:
> Hello,
> What is going on with those postinst files?  When I mount the drive up in
> linux the files are normal... but in either single user or multiuser mode
> under the hurd they appear as above.
> If anyone has any ideas for either the cross-install error above or the
> postinst file problems, please let me know.

Hi there,

I'm hardly the ideal person to answer, being a relative HURD newbie
myself, but this looks like a fairly obvious filesystem problem to me.
How did you create the partition you're using for your HURD install? Was
the FS created with -o sparse_super and -o hurd? If not, I believe that
there is a script around which will dynamically change the FS without
needing a reinstall - or maybe you'll feel a reinstall is easier. In any
case, you can find out with /sbin/dumpe2fs under linux.

If things are OK under Linux, and you've created the FS with the right
options, then could this be a bug against the HURD's implemenmtation of
ext2fs? Just asking...

>  - Michael Oberg

Dave Neary.

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