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throubles with dpkg

From: Atila Bohlke Vasconcelos
Subject: throubles with dpkg
Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2000 10:18:36 -0200

hello people,

i am really newbie with HURD and with Debian...i have instaled Hurd last 
night (and Debian GNU/Linux at night before). But i am in trouble with dpkg...

i dont know use them very well...sorry :-(

when i try install any package, i get an error message, telling me dpkg is 
not configured yet... then i try:

dpkg --configure dpkg

but i get an error message, telling me libc0.2 is not configured... then i try

dpkg --configure libc0.2

and then i get an error message: hurd package is not configured...and (again) 
i try:

dpkg --configure hurd

but i return to get an libc0.2 error message....:-/

does have someone any tip (or trick?!?!?)?

sorry my lack of knowledge about theme...:-/

Atila Bohlke Vasconcelos aka Jedi

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