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Cygwin bug? Anyone got any ideas?

From: James Buchanan
Subject: Cygwin bug? Anyone got any ideas?
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 13:15:54 +1100

Now I can't even untar the file with all the binaries. First cygwin 
tells me it can't find the cygwin1.dll which I found odd since the 
dll's directory was in my path, so I moved it into the bin directory 
where tar is. Tar seemed to invoke rsh to do something, god knows 

It chokes and does a stack dump, which was very unhelpful, since 
the stack dump itself was in error, saying it couldn't dump the 
stack! :/ One message it gave, first, was that some kind of User ID 
wasn't recognised. Then it said something about access violation. 
Then it complained it couldn't dump the stack, and said the stack 
was probably corrupt. Full marks to tar for inconsistency!

I wonder if it is tar or rsh that's buggy, or cygwin itself. Can anyone 
give me a hand to hack this tar file to get everything unpacked? 
Maybe I should burn the tar itself onto a CD, then install it on my 
Linux box, then untar it there, save all untar'd files back onto a CD, 
then somehow install the Hurd on my 486...... 

Thanks heaps,

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