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Shared-Memory for the Hurd?

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Shared-Memory for the Hurd?
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 05:14:13 +0100

Who is working on System V IPC (shm*(), sem*(), msg*()) for the Hurd
right now? They are not present yet and are needed by some software

Right now, shared memory works only via mmap() in the file
glibc/sysdeps/mach/hurd/mmap.c. The shm*() functions could
probably be implemented in terms of mmap(). Does such an
implementation already exist?

Of course, shm*() via mmap() is just a temporary hack, until
someone writes a shm-translator. [I have some ideas how it
could look like, but I'm currently lacking experience with
the Hurd's API to start right away, though that looks like
an interesting project to get used to the Hurd internals...]

sem*() and msg*() could probably be realized with translators
as well, though that would probably be more difficult to implement.



P.S.: Could you _please_ update/finish hurd/doc/hurd.texi?
It is horribly uncomplete in many critical places. Has someone
written hurd programming howtos/tutorials about
  1. how to write (non-trivfs) translators
  2. how to use stores
  3. how the port rights are passed from task to task
  4. how to program against libps/proc-server
in addition to hurd.texi? Even if it's not official...
Sure, there is enough example material in the source, but it takes
a long time to isolate what is needed at a certain point in time.

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