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Re: An easy-to-install Hurd distribution

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: An easy-to-install Hurd distribution
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 20:25:01 +0100
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On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 11:54:59AM -0500, Robert J. Chassell wrote:
>    On Wed, Nov 29, 2000 at 09:17:20AM -0500, Robert J. Chassell wrote:
>    > I would very much appreciate it if you would improve the current
>    > Debian GNU/Hurd distribution such that I can do the following:
> respon:ed
>    Nothing of what you described will ever happen the way you imagine
>    it, if I am any judge, but almost everything (except step 4) is
>    already possible by different, slightly more complicated, but also
>    more flexible means.
> The `more complicated' is the key.

This additional complexity is required to provide a generic solution. What
you imagine is a solution for your very own desktop and setup (the way you
described it suggested this). It's like saying that there is no command
copy-to-zip-drive when there is mount and cp.

> Assuming the Storm software is freely redistributable, then it makes
> sense for a novice or time-short user to install from Storm and
> upgrade to the current straight Debian.
> I am hoping that someone will do the same for the Hurd.

Rather than hoping that someone else will do something I want, I prefer to
do what I want myself. This is meant as an encouragement for you to improve
Debian where you think it lacks.


`Rhubarb is no Egyptian god.' Debian
Marcus Brinkmann              GNU

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