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Re: GRUB lockup during boot

From: Henning Riedel
Subject: Re: GRUB lockup during boot
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 01:16:51 +0100

O, sure, it's easy to recompile?!?!
I'm trying to start that Hurd for months now, but I never got an
cross-compile done!
I tried to install that damn cross-compiler on a SuSe-Linux. But when it
starts, it tells
me, that mawk isn't found, so I symlinked it to awk. I tried again and it
tells me, that
it can't find cc1. So where to find this part? I can't find it on the
cross-compile tree.

Sometimes I get myself laughing about the article about "Toward a new
which states,
"The GNU Hurd, by contrast, is designed to make the area of system code as
 as possible. Programs are required to communicate only with a few essential
parts of
 the kernel; the rest of the system is replaceable dynamically. Users can
use whatever
 parts of the remainder of the system they want, and can easily add
 themselves for other users to take advantage of. "
Somehow it would be nice to have a kind of device-server, where you can add
to 'dynamically' (like QNX).  That's maybe to far thinking, but I remember
Linux, taking
some kind of boot-parameters, which manipulate hardware. Or like
being able to load them at runtime not at boot-time.

Wouldn't it be getting a binary-tarball, which includes just a really minor
(GNUMach-kernel), only as bare as to compile a Hurd-System on that one.
I might not need a network for basic kernel-compile.
Henning Riedel
Student of Computer Science (Technical), IF99w1
HTW Mittweida, University of Applied Science

or use
Due to financial problems, the light at the end of the tunnel will
be shut down until further notice.

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