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Re: hurd/mach compile question

From: Moritz Schulte
Subject: Re: hurd/mach compile question
Date: 17 Jan 2001 14:08:30 +0100
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>       I'm compiling the Hurd, GNUmach, and mig. Thus far, mig has
> compiled successfully.

There's also a mig .deb, btw.

> Mach needs uudecode, which I don't have on my system. Anyone know
> which package this might be in?


>       I'm having a few issues compiling the Hurd as well. My machine
> compiles so slowly that I'm not sure how useful error reports are, but my
> last error was about no rule for making boot_script.o which is needed by
> serverboot.

How have you tried to compile Hurd? Have you done this?

$ cd <hurd-src>
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ ../configure
$ make

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