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Booting Mach still hangs the system

From: Henning Riedel
Subject: Booting Mach still hangs the system
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 13:58:34 +0100

Hi, now I tried it again to boot the mach, and I was wondering if it really
was the network card. So I took of all but the graphics card. So there was
neither network-, nor sound-, nor tv- nor scsi-card in there! It stops right
after the floppy gets recognized by mach.
I still have that AMD K7/600Mhz sitting on a ASUS K7M board. There
are 192MB in there and 3 HDDs on the IDE-ports. I don't, maybe it's
the size of them, but I don't think it should matter. The Hurd partition i
under SuSe linux with mke2fs -O sparse_super -o hurd /dev/hdc2 is below
a magic boundary, like 1024 cyl, and the Grub does find them too.
So if somebody could tell me, which component might be the troublemaker,
it would be nice to here from you. But maybe the Hurd E iso could help on
that problem, if it comes to public some day.

Bye, Henning

Henning Riedel
Student of Computer Science (Technical), IF99w1
HTW Mittweida, University of Applied Science

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