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Software Mestizo Manifesto

From: Roberto Diaz
Subject: Software Mestizo Manifesto
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 05:53:42 +0100 (MET)

Hi this is off-topic sorry.

I am trying to make a manifesto in order to attach it to all my gpl'd
developments.. due to limitations in my english I would like to ask for
your help... and maybe you can have a couple of new ideas to improve it.

I am doing this because gpl'd developments usually involves people all
around the world.. and being aware that a lot of gpl'd / GNU resources are
used by fascist, terrorist and that kind of "people" everyday.. well maybe 
is a begginig.

Please help the way you can.

for now is just this:

/******************  Software Mestizo Manifesto  *********************
 * This code is **Software Mestizo** meaning it has been developed with 
 * the help of a lot of individuals no matter their racial or cultural 
 * origin, they all work together in peace and harmony in the belief of 
 * humankind fraternity, using this software with the purpose to harm 
 * this principles is to harm this software itself, uncivilizated and
 * completely unethical. Please use it only in the context of this 
 * principles or dont use it if you dont agree the spirit of the authors.



Roberto Diaz <> 
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