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Server boot Script

From: Jackson, Harry
Subject: Server boot Script
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 12:51:52 -0000

Hi all

Sorry about the last email

I have currently untar'd the "large tar ball" into /gnu on hdf9 of my hard
This was done under Linux Mandrake and by resizing the home partition.

I have made a Grub image on a floppy and from there I rebooted with the 
disk in the drive.
This finds an extfs partition. 
I get through the instructions as far as
this seems to work fine and then it leaves me at the prompt 
root device name [hd1s8]
what do I do from here I cannot find anything in the documentation to say 
whats next. 
When I try anything I get 
Server boot script [/dev/hd1s8/boot/servers.boot] 

Grub obviously cannot find the servers.boot script which I know lives in
/gnu/boot/ when I check it under Linux.

It looks to me as if it cannot find the device hd1s8 and this stops it from
finding the 
servers.boot script. 

I am not sure but I think the problem lies in what I am calling my partition

with the files on it and the fact that when I check
I can only see a MAKEDEV script there.

I think I may be trying too hard to get this installed  :-)

Harry Jackson.
(+44) 207 947 1259


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