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Mach Panic! Request guidance...

From: B. Douglas Hilton
Subject: Mach Panic! Request guidance...
Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 23:33:32 -0500

Hi list!

I have longed to toy with Hurd, and actually tried it out briefly about
3 years ago.

Now, as broadband connectivity approaches me, I hope to join in with the
development effort. I am a fair C / C++ programmer and have used Debian
nearly ten years! ( With a break from 94-97 ). I am also a mechanical
so I have a very strong math background.

Anyways, here is my situation: my latest superbox is a Tyan Thunder 100
with currently one PII-450, a GeForce2 MX, and some SCSI drives. Due to
IRQ conflict between the onboard SCSI and the AGP slot, I have disabled
Adaptec 3290UW scsi in BIOS, and am using a Tekram 390F in a PCI slot.

When I try to boot Hurd, it detects the Adaptec, then panics because it
disabled, and never searches for the Tekram.

What to do?

- Doug

BTW - maybe respond via email, I just subscribed to this list today.

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