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Re: Hurd Logo

From: Glenn Alexander
Subject: Re: Hurd Logo
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:06:14 +0800

On Wednesday 28 March 2001 07:58, Me wrote:
> Your ideas are nice and colourful :)
> However, I noticed that there wasn't a GNU in any of
> the
> pictures.  Perhaps a gnu leading your 4 other
> translators.
> James Morrison

Hi, I did think about the Gnus but thought having one Gnu in with the shapes 
would make the image look lopsided. Besides I can't draw complicated things.

Here are a few ideas that incorporate Gnus:

1) Use the Gnu image as a sort of etheral cloud-like beneficient overlord 
like god thingy in the sky above the shapes, looking down and smiling on them.

2) Replace the shapes with half a dozen actual Gnus (different bright 
colours). The more I think about this the more I like it better than the 
shapes idea. They can still frollic about inside .mng files, and you can 
still collect the whole set to line up across the top of your monitor to talk 
to when no-one else wants to be your friend or use as characters in deep 
and meaningful dramatisations for your work coleagues.

Yes I'll see what I can do with the second idea and get back to you all (just 
have 200 student assignments to mark sometime soon - I've been putting it off 
for too long already).

PS. Anyone like to send me a cartoonish full body profile of a Gnu? I'll hunt 
the internet for some images I can attack with gimp, too.
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