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Noir-Cygnus Announces An Investment Opportunity HPNGG

From: noirequities1
Subject: Noir-Cygnus Announces An Investment Opportunity HPNGGD
Date: Sun, 02 Dec 2001 04:07:23 -1800

Noir-Cygnus Equities

Specializing in Asset Based Securitizations

October 30, 2001

Company Announces its Rule 504D Private Placement Offering

NOIR-CYGNUS EQUITIES, INC. CFO, Lynden P. Bridges announced today that the company has released its Private Placement Offering for review and subscription by potential investors. The Offering, under and pursuant to Rule 504(D) of the Securities Act, allows for any interested party to invest in the companyÿFFFF92s securities, subject to the terms of the statute. "The Company has taken care to provide a fully qualified Offering Memorandum which can only be accessed through the internet by first sending in a request for a copy of the memorandum to the Company," stated Bridges.

The total amount of the Offering is $700,000 divided into 2,800 Units composed of 1,000 shares of Class "B" Common Stock. The stock is being sold at $0.25 cents per share. The minimum purchase is for one (1) Unit ($250) and the maximum purchase allowable is for four (4) Units ($1,000). A total of 2.8 Million Shares of Class "B" Stock are being offered. CEO, Harold Woods, Jr. noted, "the purpose of this offering is to expand the shareholder base of the Company. Noir-Cygnus has entered into negotiations to be acquired by a publicly-traded shell company. On conclusion of that acquisition, and assuming the success of our business model, we will need 1,000 shareholders and the appropriate capital requirements in order to qualify for trading on the NASDAQ National Market System." Woods noted that despite the mood of the country and marketplace, it was important to conduct this offering now in view of the de minimus interest rates that are being experienced in the financial markets representing an enormous business opportunity. "We must move with all haste to execute not only on the business model, but to increase our shareholder base so that the CompanyÿFFFF92s objectives will be met without further delay."

To request a copy of the CompanyÿFFFF92s Private Placement Memorandum, go to the CompanyÿFFFF92s website at Click on "Investment Opportunities" and then click on "Investing In Noir-Cygnus Equities."

It should be noted that this announcement is not an offer to sell securities.  Offer and subscription can only be accomplished through the Private Placement Memorandum in those jurisdictions where such sale and purchase is permitted.

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