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hurd translator

From: arun v
Subject: hurd translator
Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2001 23:36:44 -0800 (PST)


We are intending to do the tr command for GNU/HURD.

Can anyone plz. explain what we are actually required
to do
when writing a tr?

Actually, the idea what we have is :

hurd# settrans /tmp/PASSWD
~/work/hurd/my-tr-translator --file /etc/passwd --expr
"a-z A-Z"

Here my-tr-translator must get the port of /etc/passwd
and then read the contents of passwd thru the port
(port is obtained by querying the root file system).
reading it will apply the conversion according to
and then write the output to the port of /tmp/PASSWD?

Here again we are attaching a passive translator to
/tmp/PASSWD 's inode, isn't it? 

In that case /tmp/PASSWD may not required storage
space, it may just require the command string in its

Is that is what we are reqd. to do or are we
completely wrong?
Please explain the same.


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