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Re: Hurd Projects

From: Lars Weber
Subject: Re: Hurd Projects
Date: 20 Dec 2001 15:26:16 +0100
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Leo Korinth <> wrote:
> I have had an idea of a freenet translator for a long time.
> My idea is that you would use the translator like the ftp translator
> except when you cd to a directory you get the directory full of files
> that matches the "search".

I actually had the same idea some time ago :) Searching won't work,
however, as freenet does not currently support it (to download a file you
have to know it's CHK (Content Hash Key: some sort of unique checksum) or
it's KSK (??? Key: a more readable alias for CHKs), which you can get
either through a seperately published index or by just using links in
other freenet documents).  What could be done is a translator that, as the
ftp translator, let's you fetch files by simply copying them and, if
possible with freenet, shows you all the content of your current datacache
in a listing.  Maybe it could also make use of indices to provide symbolic
links (with sane names) to cached and/or uncached files and similiar

> As it seams to take long time for me to install the hurd, and doing
> programing for it is most a future dream, I hope someone will like the
> idea.

With the programming it's similiar here, though I hope to find time to
install the Hurd on my (new) computer again sometime soon.

> Finaly i would like to know if the idea is just idiotic or if it really
> could be something.

I came up with the same idea, but that unfortunately doesn't mean that
it's not idiotic :)

> On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, arun v wrote:
> > Now i'm looking forward for some good projects in
> > Hurd, preferrably related to translators. Can u give
> > some good ideas?

One other idea that I once had was that of a version-control translator,
i.e. a translator that logs changes to files and provides ways of
restoring them to an earlier state.  (A nice thing to have the /etc dir
in, for example.)

And yet another idea: A ssh-translator that let's you handle files on
other hosts (incl. copying them between the local and remote host) through
ssh.  This one would actually be pretty cool!


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