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Re: Spam, Spam, Spam,....

From: Milan Zamazal
Subject: Re: Spam, Spam, Spam,....
Date: 23 Dec 2001 14:41:28 +0100
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>>>>> "TBB" == Thomas Bushnell, BSG <> writes:

    TBB> Chiaki Ishikawa <> writes:


    >> 2. If not, does anyone know how to contact and ask such person(s)
    >> to change the mailman config so that the e-mails without proper
    >> To:, or Cc: address just simply get dropped as it goes through
    >> "mailman" software?  ("Proper" means have valid gnu mailing list
    >> address in there as someone suggested.)

    TBB> Convince the core Hurd hackers that it's necessary.

    TBB> The rule is that GNU mailing lists which are for users in
    TBB> general should not screen callers;

I wouldn't call the implicit destination rule screening.  It is very
effective against spam while it hardly can hurt anyone.  When a
legitimate message is caught (very seldom in my experience), the sender
gets informed appropriately and can either resend the message himself
easily, or not to bother about it and wait for the moderator's action.

Please note GNU users are both callers and recipients.  In my opinion,
by employing the implicit destination rule both the sides benefit for
the following reasons:

- The list archives are not filled with spam and thus they're more

- The recipients read incoming messages more carefully and aren't
  disturbed and directed towards a negative attitude.

- Those of us who access Internet through dial-up save their time and

- There are no discussions about spam on the mailing list. :-|


Milan Zamazal

Free software is about freedom, not about free beer.  If you care only about
the latter, you'll end up with no freedom and no free beer.

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