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Re: Boot hangs at "start /hurd/ext2fs.static: "

From: James Morrison
Subject: Re: Boot hangs at "start /hurd/ext2fs.static: "
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 15:31:42 -0800 (PST)

--- Jeff Bailey <> wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 30, 2001 at 11:26:22PM +0200, Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> > The kernel does boot, and it does find the hd0s1 partition (the
> only
> > one in the box right now) at partition check. It also tells that
> the
> > aforementioned tasks are loaded, but hangs at the point where it
> > says: "start /hurd/ext2fs.static: "
> I've never gotten the Hurd to boot using those commands (although
> they're supposed to be the Right Way to do it).  Try the following:
> root          (hd0,0)
> kernel                /boot/gnumach.gz root=hd0s1
> module                /boot/serverboot.gz
> And you should get past this point.

  Could post the lines you used to boot the GNU Hurd.  If you used
pdf version of the install guide then you will have to read one of
other versions of the install guide and get the entire lines needed
boot the Hurd.

  Would it be a good idea to remove the pdf version of the install
guide since the pdf version only shows the first seventy some
characters of each line.

James Morrison
   University of Waterloo
   Computer Science - Digital Hardware
   2A co-op

Anyone refering this as 'Open Source' shall be eaten by a GNU

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