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trouble booting hurd

From: Michal Medvecký
Subject: trouble booting hurd
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2002 00:19:49 +0200


I have tried to boot hurd using gnu grub 0.91 (grub-0.91-i386-pc.ext2fs
image), but it did not work.

When the command line appeared, i've typed:
find /boot/gnumach.gz

it said: file not found.

so i tried to set root device manually:
root (hd0,6) (/dev/hda6 under linux)

it said ok, device 0x83

but kernel /boot/gnumach.gz said again: file not found.

Anyone has any idea how to boot it?

Of course, i have untgz-ed gnu-latest.tar.gz into the root of my /dev/hda6.

This is my first touch with hurd, so please don't be mad about stupid
question :)

Thank you


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