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Status of the Hurd t-shirts

From: Wolfgang Jährling
Subject: Status of the Hurd t-shirts
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 14:23:02 +0200
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Does the FSF Europe still wait for a t-shirt design? If so, then I'd
like to finish this discussion soon (Can't wait to get my shirt :)).

I have created four images, which you can find on
They are mostly based on ideas that have already been around and I would
welcome any comments on them.


Wolfgang Jährling  <>  \\
Debian GNU/Hurd user && Debian GNU/Linux user \\
The Hurd Hacking Guide:
["We're way ahead of you here. The Hurd has always been on the    ]
[ cutting edge of not being good for anything." -- Roland McGrath ]

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