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RE: Status of the Hurd t-shirts

From: Kalyan
Subject: RE: Status of the Hurd t-shirts
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 17:14:48 +0530

How about "Have you Hurd of it?"

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Sent: 04/17/2002 2:45 PM
Subject: Re: Status of the Hurd t-shirts

Wolfgang Jährling <> wrote:

> Does the FSF Europe still wait for a t-shirt design? If so,
> then I'd like to finish this discussion soon (Can't wait to get
> my shirt :)).

BTW, is there already a design with the name on it? I think of
something like "Hird of Unix-Replacing Daemons" on the front and
"Hurd of Interfaces Representing Depth" on the back or something
like that...


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