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Re: Design Decisions and Hurd/L4 work (was: Re: Improving Hurd)

From: Jan Atle Ramsli
Subject: Re: Design Decisions and Hurd/L4 work (was: Re: Improving Hurd)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 17:29:47 +0200

"Ryan M. Golbeck" wrote:
> As I said above, you misinterpreted his words (afiak) by taking them
> too far.

So, I can safely assume that some word just flew a little to high for
me, that ADTs are as valid as when I read about them for the first time,
and that they are valid under the same rules that guide everything else:
There is no 'ADT demise' it is just not presented as something 'new'
that was what I was supposed to have understood?

The more specific I try to be, the more specific the answers will be,
and the more strain my language skills will exposed to, I am already at
the outer limits of what I can express in English.

So I, on my behalf and may others, ask for continued patience like this.

I know it takes longer to explain it to me than to many others, but once
explained, I promise I will not forget it, and I will take over and even
try to explain it further.

This may become logarithmic in nature, if I explain it to two persons,
you have been paid back.


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