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Re: Design Decisions and Hurd/L4 work (was: Re: Improving Hurd)

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: Design Decisions and Hurd/L4 work (was: Re: Improving Hurd)
Date: 22 Apr 2002 20:01:22 +0200
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* Jan Atle Ramsli writes:
> "Thomas Bushnell, BSG" wrote:
>>  Jan Atle Ramsli <> writes:
>> > So, I can safely assume that some word just flew a little to high
>> for > me, that ADTs are as valid as when I read about them for the
>> first time, > and that they are valid under the same rules that
>> guide everything else: > Relativity?
>> No, you can't assume that either.  I was quite careful in what I
>> wrote.  Go back and read it again.

> I think I can also get used to the idea that I may be forced to ask
> questions that can only be answered by people who don't seem to like
> me much :-)

> It's a shame, but I am actually going away.  And I am genuinely sad
> about about it - I give up.

> I have gotten all the answer I wanted, I hope someone will benefit.

> The antipathy has been so thick that it could have been cut with a
> knife, I have ignored it, pushed on, and everything has come forth,
> but now I am in an emotional state of simply not wanting to do
> anything - now that I could.

Look, there is no stupid antipathy around here, nobody cares about it either.
What we do care about is that _YOU_ try to find a bit of information and
contribute code.  Right now the only thing you have contributed is the waste
of time around here with this utterly useless thread.  Our patience is not
infinite, we do expect that you do some work instead of asking for every bit
of information.  This is also a waste of _OUR_ time.  Ask a specific question
and you shall receive an answer or a pointer to the answer, your job is to find
the missing bits.

When you contribute at least a line of code (which you have not yet done), then
I at least will take your words a bit more seriously, but right now you are
just wasting Thomas', Marcus' and all the other developers and users time
with this pointless thread.  This thread is even more useless then the
t-shirt thread which at least had a point.

Now, if you want to go back to your hole, please do, but if you do, shut up and
don't waste our time! If not, please contribute something that is usable.

As one great hacker once said "Thank God for gnus-score and the L key!"

Alfred M. Szmidt

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