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Re: strage cthread behavior

From: Matej Kosik
Subject: Re: strage cthread behavior
Date: Mon, 01 Jul 2002 18:44:14 -0100

Manu Valderrama wrote:
> >
> >
> >libio is thread safe, though, and if he is usig a recent binary system
> >(post ABI change), he will use libio and not stdio.
> >
> Thanks for the aclaration; I've tested yesterday Matej's example programs in
> my Hurd H4 installation ( that I must suppose is stdio-based, since the
> printf's are
> not safe ). Today I have retested those programs in my "Hurd-current"
> instalation, and there was no need to lock with mutexes the printf's (
> libio-based ).

that means that the thing I must to do is to download new version of
the Hurd (libraries and servers) from

        (cvs -z3 co hurd)

and try to compile it under running Hurd. Am I right? - Will then
my system be "libio-based" and not "stdio-based"?

> Bye!
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