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problems after building hurd

From: Matej Kosik
Subject: problems after building hurd
Date: Tue, 09 Jul 2002 20:36:29 -0100


(I know, it is an annoying question, but please
 drop me some answer to the following questions)

?Can hurd be built and installed safely from sources
 on the running hurd system?

I tried it out, configuration, building and installation
ran perfectly well (without any error message). But
after that I wasn't able to start none of the newly
installed servers. This leads also to the situation
that boot procedure fails (when it tries to run them).

(I tried to compile hurd on gnumach-1.2 and gnumach-1.3
 with the same results, I got hurd sources from CVS)

I probably did something wrong (even though I think
I followed the instructions in the relevant `INSTALL' file).

thank you for any help


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