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Re: settrans and stdin

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: settrans and stdin
Date: 16 Jul 2002 13:07:36 +0200
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Everton Hermann <> writes:

> How can I read from stdin on my translators stratup?

Passive translators don't have any stdio when they are starter (all of
stdin, stdout and stderr point to /dev/null or something like that).
They're not supposed to need any interactivion.

Some of your options are: Open /dev/console, and hope someone at the
console is able to type the password. Or use ssh-askpass to open an X
window to do the same (DISPLAY probably won't be set, though, so you
have to point it right yourself).

The right thing is probably to make sure that you don't need any
interaction. One way is to use publickey authentication with a key
that has no passphrase. Another is to start a background process
earlier that takes care of the login, and then let the translator talk
to that.

If you have lsh installed (last time I tried, the lsh-make-seed
program failed, and I haven't had any time to look into that yet), you
can use lsh -G / lshg for that.

If you're working on an sftp translator (that would be quite cool!), I
suggest that you add some command line option for which rsh-like
program to use; for instance I'd probably set that to "lshg
--subsystem=sftp host". The sftp protocol is quite independent of ssh,
for instance, it should work fine over kerberized rsh, for those who
like that.


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