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Writing a little Mach IPC guide

From: Manu Valderrama
Subject: Writing a little Mach IPC guide
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 01:18:16 +0200
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Hello ! I have started a little guide about Mach ipc. In principle my intention
was to document everything I learned about the Hurd and GNU Mach to fix
ideas, but I think that some people could take advantage of the things I have
already learned. I'm almost sure that it must contain some errors, since my
knowledge about Mach is small, and this is another reason I found to tell some
people what I'm doing.

The intention is to write a guide covering the following topics :

   (1) IPC in general ( theory )
   (2) IPC in Mach ( theory )
   (3) Basic IPC programming in Mach
   (4) Some C Thread programming
   (5) A Bit more IPC programming in Mach
   (6) Use of MIG to built complex interfaces

(1) and (2) are not very important since they are well covered in OS general
Books (1), and the OSF documents (2), so actually are not a priority.

(3) Is more or less written, and half of (4) is written too; (5) needs to be thought.

(6) is still awaiting I get some working MIG-generated interfaces working.

The guide is wrote in html, since I believed, erroneously, that texinfo
could not handle inserting images ( @image !!! ); maybe it would be
a good idea to rewrite it in texinfo to make it more portable.

I have not send any attachment, since, actually, with 3 png's, the
compresses archived guide is 60k, maybe two much for an attachment
to a mail list.... so I don't know what to do for making it public.
I have no ftp server in which to upload it, and putting it in my home
machine via a dyn dns service maybe is not a good idea since it is
only up in some hours of the day. Maybe I could put off the pngs and,
the entrys that does not contains nothing and send it as an attachment.

The guide is of course under GFDL; modulo the problem of sending
you the guide ( a big one ), I'll hope that you approve it.

Thanks in advance !

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