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Re: Running several instances of an fs server...

From: Thomas Bushnell, BSG
Subject: Re: Running several instances of an fs server...
Date: 23 Jul 2002 10:25:13 -0700
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Marcus Brinkmann <> writes:

> I should add that of course it is technically possible to implement a much
> more complex protocol that allows a filesystem that starts up to find out
> that the device (really: storage) is currently used by another filesystem of
> the same type and ask that to "take over".  However, such a solution is not
> part of the current design, and a bit too specific to justify the burden of
> its implementation.  Compare it with editors and shared text files.  If you
> need a custom solution to allow concurrent editing of the same file, you
> write one (like, a special emacs mode), you don't make it a feature of the
> operating system.

Um, Marcus, this "much more complex protocol" is just flock.

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