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Re: mtab (was: Re: path+file_name from port or process info?

From: David Walter
Subject: Re: mtab (was: Re: path+file_name from port or process info?
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 16:02:52 -0400
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Marcus Brinkmann <> writes:

>>              peropen->cntl->{file_id,filesys_id,underlying}.
>                                                   ^^^^^^^^^^
> that's the one.  From pfinet/main.c, for example:
>   err = trivfs_startup (bootstrap, 0,
>                         trivfs_cntl_portclasses[0], pfinet_bucket,
>                         trivfs_protid_portclasses[0], pfinet_bucket,
>                         &pfinetctl);

>   if (err)
>     error (1, err, "contacting parent");
>   /* Initialize status from underlying node.  */
>   err = io_stat (pfinetctl->underlying, &st);

If   so,  shouldn't     _hurd_canonicalize_filename_directory_internal
(peropen->cntl->underlying,0,0) return the path name if called in the 
server's open hook?

Unfortunately that doesn't work for me.

static error_t
open_hook (struct trivfs_peropen *peropen)
    "%s:%i:(f:%i:peropen->cntl->underlying%s)\n", __FILE__, __LINE__,
   return 0;

error_t (*trivfs_peropen_create_hook)(struct trivfs_peropen *) = open_hook;

>> So where  I am stymied  is the use of  struct protid*cred, where I had
>> expected to find a file_t file.
> This is MiG auto-mutation, where a port is matched to a structure.  Just
> ignore it ;)

Oh? Where  should I go to find  out about when these translations take
place, and which side of the  rpc which is  used? Is there a doc about
when this happens and how to follow the mapping?


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