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RE: [address@hidden (Alfred M. Szmidt)] Re: Init question

From: he . ram
Subject: RE: [address@hidden (Alfred M. Szmidt)] Re: Init question
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 17:11:15 +0530

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>To: Jason Dagit <>
>Subject: Re: Init question
>From: (Alfred M. Szmidt)
>Date: 26 Jul 2002 11:24:24 +0200
>Jason Dagit <> writes:
> Is there any documentation on how the hurd starts.  I know that GRUB loads
> something to somewhere in memory, and then it must jump there, but I was
> curious what part of the OS gets loaded first, and where that code is
> the CVS so that I can read through the code and conceptually trace through
> the actions that happen as soon as GRUB is done.  Mostly I don't know
> where to begin, and I can't tell from looking at the code.
>There will be documentation if you write it. :)

It goes something like this plz see this attachment ..


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