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7 Million Email Address List For Sale

From: 7millionemails
Subject: 7 Million Email Address List For Sale
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 16:58:09 -0100

Attention small and large businesses. I have a huge compilation of opt-in and targeted email lists for sale. You will recieve over 7 Million email addresses on CD Rom format targeted to hundreds of different industries including both individuals and businesses. These lists are extremely effective for email campaigns and can generate HUGE profits for your business.

I generate hundreds fo thousands of new email addresses daily so all lists will be fresh and unique for each customer.

On average the email lists I produce generate a 3-6% click-thru rate which will mean that out of 7 million emails sent your business could potentially have from 210,000 to 420,000 interested individuals clicking thru to your website, which in turn will generate huge PROFITS.

I am offering these lists for a limited time only. They will be delivered via Postal mail on CD-Rom format. All emails are in .txt format of one email address per line.

For more information on pricing and payment methods please visit our website by clicking below:

7 Million Email Address List - Click Here This is a ONE TIME mailing, you will not be mailed again. 4816KKcU2-212GSxX7988dPlr2-484JuUF1841sWkl3-319xoSm2698gZHC5-723rTvo89l66

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