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Re: Building linux gcc tarball for Hurd H4

From: Matej Kosik
Subject: Re: Building linux gcc tarball for Hurd H4
Date: Fri, 09 Aug 2002 20:47:25 +0200
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James Joseph wrote:

I have a very slow net connection and i was able to bug a friend to get me the 1st iso image of HURD H4. It is working, and looks very cool; but i see that gcc, include files in /include etc are not there! I had wished to do some basic coding (to learn) on Hurd. I do have the source tarballs for gcc-2.95 (which i used to build a Linux from Scratch distro) (

1) Could i build gcc (from my Debian Potato R5) using these tarballs for the Hurd? I have a similar doubt about glibc?

2) I also have XFree86 4.2 source tarballs.Which seems to have a config file. Does that mean that it can be build for Hurd?

3) Are the modifications to make gnu packages work for Hurd, in the SAME package as the ones used for building a GNU / Linux system, or do i need to download SEPERATE packages?

Please help if possible...
If my doubts seem stupid, i apologize, because it is due to my ignorance.

James Joseph
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What about using the binaries from the CD?

If you do not know how to do it, read
the file `/cdrom/hurd-doc/Cook-book' point 7 and 8.
(the file should be on the CD you have got).


General proposal:

In my opinion, the document:
        `The Hurd Installation Guide'
in section:
        `8.4 Installing More Packages'
should say also something like this:

If you are installing `The Hurd' from
CD, you can install "the rest of the system"
with running the commands

and perhaps also

(You can then use the
 `dselect' and/or `apt-get' to
 fine-tune the system)

This is very trivial but people will
ask it over again and again unless
you explicitly mention it in the
"official" install guide (or faq or
whatever new users read first).
Matej Kosik

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