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Re: Upgrading Debian GNU/Hurd

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: Upgrading Debian GNU/Hurd
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 19:09:08 +0200
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On Mon, Aug 19, 2002 at 01:44:31AM +0200, Sergey V. Spiridonov wrote:
> [snip]
> >* The new packages of the Hurd, glibc and dpkg: 
> >
> >  hurd_20020804-1_hurd-i386.deb
> >  libc0.3_2.2.5-13_hurd-i386.deb
> >  dpkg_1.10.4_hurd-i386.deb
> Where I can get dpkg 1.10.4? 
> I check, 
> but there is dpkg_1.9.21_hurd-i386.deb only. 

It should be available now or tomorrow.  Getting dpkg into the archive always 
takes a
whiel, because it requires manual attention.  But I received the accepted
notification today.


`Rhubarb is no Egyptian god.' GNU
Marcus Brinkmann              The Hurd

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