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Re: native-install halts

From: Moritz Schulte
Subject: Re: native-install halts
Date: 26 Aug 2002 19:46:09 +0200
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"Lakatos Jozsef" <> writes:

> I checked it, that the script stops at the command (tryed typing it
> manualy on at the prompt too):
> cp /usr/share/base-passwd/group.master /etc/group
> (No messages, no hdd activity, the console still works.)

So, this command hangs, right?  Weird.  You could try to install the
latest Hurd version, iirc new Debian packages should be there soon.
Then, try to verify that the same bug appears.  Then you could narrow
the problem down a bit: is it the reading, which hangs, or the
writing, or both (referring to the cp command)?  Like you mentioned,
you could then run cp under gdb, make it hang, and see where in the
code you are then.

Regarding your boot method: you are using the 'serverboot method',
which is deprecated.  Since some time we can use the more flexible
method to load ext2fs.static and ld/exec directly as multiboot
modules.  It should not make a difference, but support for serverboot
will probably be dropped one day...

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