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RE: native-install halts

From: Lakatos Jozsef
Subject: RE: native-install halts
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 17:52:57 +0200

> "Lakatos Jozsef" <> writes:
> > I checked it, that the script stops at the command (tryed typing it
> > manualy on at the prompt too):
> > cp /usr/share/base-passwd/group.master /etc/group
> >
> > (No messages, no hdd activity, the console still works.)
> So, this command hangs, right?  Weird.  You could try to install the
> latest Hurd version, iirc new Debian packages should be there soon.

I tried a tarball dated 08-Jun-2002. Now "cp
/usr/share/base-passwd/group.master /etc/group" succeeds. Now it stops
at "settrans -cg ptypp". Where could I get a newer tarball then this? I
see that almost all ftp servers of gnu are down.
( doesn't
work) - Am I right? - I found a few mirrors, but this was the most fresh
among them. Can I get the whole base system from cvs? I'd really like to
learn hurd, but if it's so hard now then maybe I'll wait till it gets a
little less bugy (to be able to install it) or atleast till the gnu ftp
servers will bu up again.


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