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Re: internship on the Hurd

From: Tom Hart
Subject: Re: internship on the Hurd
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 13:27:34 -0500
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Roel Neefs wrote:

While it's obviously important to work on something you're interested
in, we have a whole host of things that could use work that keep us
from using the Hurd everyday -- Especially if you have a one year
internship to dedicate to it!

The intersnhip itself is only 3 months, afterwards i have to write a
thesis. But if i like it i will probably keep working on it. :)

It would help if you could post some notes about your experience and
background, so we don't give you suggestions that are either too easy
to not be worth it, or too hard for your skills and experience.

Well, i have 4 years of experience in scheme. :)
3 years C/C++/java. I have never worked on kernels, but i'm a fast
learner. (reading a lot of books about it at the moment)
But what i would work on would need to be worth an internship, i don't
think porting programs to the hurd will be allowed by my professor.

Roel, I'm in a similar position as you, working on the Hurd for a senior topics course in comp sci. Also, like you I've programmed C/C++/Java, but haven't done any kernel work.

I know that some people have worked on writing new translators (someone posted a message about implementing an ext3fs translator for such a project).

I'm starting out by helping out writing documentation, since everyone like you and me starts out wondering what there is to do, and what path to follow to learn about the Hurd (many posts like that come to this mailing list). In addition, writing documentation helps you learn about the platform. I'm not suggesting you make this your whole project, but I'm finding that it's a good place to start.


Tom Hart

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