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Re: task error while booting

From: Tom Hart
Subject: Re: task error while booting
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 10:35:28 -0600
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Arunachalam G wrote:
2 multiboot task loaded
   tasks:  /lib/   /hurd/exec

and then it hangs.

Are you sure that the big line in your GRUB menu.lst is all on one line? I think I remember something like this happening to me when I types my menu.lst in nano, which inserted line breaks.

You can make sure it's all on one line by typing
module <blah blah blah> \
<continued line 1> \
<continued line n>

Or by typing it up in Emacs.

Or your problem could be something completely different. =) Hope this helps.

Also: the new User's Guide at might help you out, too!

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