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[Newsletter] Spam from "address@hidden"??

From: quiet-list
Subject: [Newsletter] Spam from "address@hidden"??
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 20:43:41 -0500

[sorry for any duplications]

Based on the following link, this spam appears to be coming from someone in 
Switzerland using a German Yahoo account.

As a fellow victim, I highly recommend forwarding all spam you receive from 
"" to "" so they cancel this brat's 
account.  I don't know anything better to recommend at this point, but "remove" 
messages and angry replies seem like they're just being being forwarded to this 
phony list, so they aren't going to do any good.  Looks like a nasty prank, 
perhaps deliberately intended as a "Denial Of Service" attack. And please don't 
get mad at me - I'm a victim too.  If anybody knows of a better way of dealing 
with this bullshit, please send reply so we can all get rid if this asshole.

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